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Digital Night Vision

Able to be used day or night this provides outstanding night vision capabilities with or without recording

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720p Watch DVR with unparalleled quality and frame rate

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Amazon Echo Plus DVR

Handmade Wifi based camera seamlessly hidden inside one of the speaker holes of this Echo

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USB Voice Recorder

24 hours or 30 days of voice activated recording on this outstanding USB voice recorder

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18t Bug Detector

Wireless Activity Monitor is a high spec handheld multiband detector for the detection and logging of all types of RF devices

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GSM Black Box

Simply dial the phone number if the installed sim card and your device will answer itself and allow you to listen to the entire room or vehicle.

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IWantIt Dock DVR

1080p Wifi enabled camera seamlessly hidden within this working docking station sound system

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GSM 13amp adaptor

Handmade and unparalleled quality mains powered GSM listening device

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